carbon black in tyres

Using in rubber industry, painting ,printing ink, NI-MH battery's cathode and other industry. 1.Silicon Rubber: Improves silicon rubbers durability, rebound rate, and anti-distortion performance. 2.Plastics Industry: Improves plastic s tenacity, strength and prevents water absorption. 3.Coating Industry: Prevents agglomeration and drip. Thixotropic additives. Increase denseness and smoothness of paint. 4.Medicine Industry: Increase denseness ,floating , carrying function in medicine. It also can be used as the pesticide powder and anti-agglomeration

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model number
n220 n330 n550 n660 n234 n660 n880KindCarbon black
Granule or powderMolecular formularC
Molecular weight12Raw materialsSynthetic rubber
Granule or powderApplicationRubber/plastic/Textile auxiliary agents atc
n220 n234 n330  n550 n660 n880ProcessWet or dry process
Purity1004Place of originChina
N220 indine absortion number G/kg125+/-5N330 indine absortion number G/kg82+/-5
N550 indine absortion number G/kg43+/-4
N660 indine absortion number G/kg36+/-4
TrademarkKelaiTransport package25kg/bale 
HS code
320417Standard GB 3378-2003

1.Description of carbon black powder:

Chemical Name: Carbon Black 
Type:N220/N234/N326/N330/N339/N351/N375/N550/N660/White Carbon Black
Cas no:1333-86-4
Form: black granule or powder
Process: wet or dry process
High-amplifying conductive carbon black powder. Easily dispersed and provides a high level extrudability of rubber compounds. Includes in the tread rubber of tires for passenger cars and trucks. Provides increased wear resistance tires, high resistance to tensile, tolerable tear resistance. Carbon black in tyres is recommended for use in the manufacturing of conveyor belts and other rubber products, which require increased durability.

2.Specification of carbon black powder:

Iodine Absorption Number g/kg121 +/-582 +/-543 +/-436 +/-4
DBP Absorption Number 10-5m3/Kg114 +/-5102 +/-5121 +/-590 +/-5
DBP Absorption Number of Compressed Sample 10-5m3/Kg93~10781~9581~9568~82
CTAB Surface Area 103m2/Kg106~11679~8738~4631~39
Nitrogen Surface Area 103m2/Kg114~12478~8838~4630~40
Tint Strength110~12098~108--
Heating Loss3.
Tensile Strength Map TM-0.8-1.5-3.5-3.5
Extension% TM+10-10-10+10
Map Modulus at 300%-2.5 +/-1.3-1.7 +/-1.3-1.7 +/-1.3-3.5 +/-1.3

3.Application of carbon black powder:

Cabot carbon black using in rubber industry, painting ,printing ink, NI-MH battery's cathode and other industry.

1.Silicon Rubber:Carbon black in tyres Improves silicon rubbers durability, rebound rate, and anti-distortion performance.
2.Plastics Industry: Improves plastic s tenacity, strength and prevents water absorption.
3.Coating Industry: Prevents agglomeration and drip. Thixotropic  additives.
  Increase denseness and smoothness of paint. 
4.Medicine Industry: Increase denseness ,floating , carrying function in medicine.
  Speciality carbon black also can be used as the pesticide powder and anti-agglomeration

cabot carbon black


carbon black glassdoor

                            Rubber seal

conductive carbon black


thai carbon black


4.Packing and delivery of carbon black powder:


1)20kg/25kg Packed by nontoxic PE bag with woven bag outside or kraft paper bag.
2)according to customer's requirement

Delivery time:Around 7-10 days after confirming the order

carbon black cost

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