Rubber Vulcanizer TCY

Rubber Vulcanizer TCY

Uses: Widely used as heat stabilizer for polypropylene, rubber and other high polymers, vulcanizing agent for chlorinated ethyl acrylate-ethylene polymer, acrylic rubber, etc., suitable for acrylate rubber ACM, chloroether rubber CO.ECO And neoprene CR, can also be used in rubber and plastic blending materials, this product has fast vulcanization speed, safe scorch, can shorten the vulcanization time, no need for two-stage vulcanization, and the vulcanized rubber is made to be oil-resistant, heat-resistant and pressure-resistant.

Product Details

Product Details:

               product nameTrithiocyanuric acid
                 Product aliasTMT vulcanization agent; Thiotricyanic acid; trimercaptotriazine
                English name
Trithiocyanuric acid;1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-trithiol
        Molecular formula


          Molecular weight177.26

Product Specification:



Melting point

Heat loss

Ash content


Yellow powder





Product Features

Yellow powder, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol, acetone, dihetane, soluble in THF.

Product properties

1:Rubber Vulcanizer TCY is widely used as heat stabilizer for polypropylene, rubber and other polymers, vulcanizing agent for ethyl chloride acrylate - ethylene polymer, acrylic camera and other polymers, suitable for ACM with acrylic rubber, ECO with chloroether rubber and CR with neoprene rubber.

2:Rubber Vulcanizer TCY used for rubber and plastic blend materials.

3:Product vulcanization speed, coke burning safety, can shorten the vulcanization time, without the need for secondary vulcanization, vulcanized rubber made of oil resistance, heat resistance and pressure change of remarkable mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber.

4:Rubber Vulcanizer TCY is a special vulcanizing agent for acrylate rubber. As a special vulcanizing agent, this product can also be used for chlorohydrin rubber and neoprene rubber, or a co-vulcanizing cross-linking agent for left butadiene rubber and PVC.

5:Rubber Vulcanizer TCY can be used as a crosslinking agent such as PVC phenolic resin alone, with high vulcanization speed, safe scorch, long time, and vulcanized rubber resistance to oil, heat and pressure.

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Product Storage:

Storage in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. Usually it can be store on 12 month with the common storing condition.

Recommend use of date is within 6 months.

Product pakaging

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