Rubber Accerelator TP

Rubber Accerelator TP

Rubber Accerelator TP used as natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber and rubber latex curing agent. The curing speed is slower than ammonium disulfide carbamate. It can be used in conjunction with thiazole and guanidine thiazole thiazole.
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CAS:136-30-1 [1] 

Molecular formula:C9H18NNaS2
Structural formula:


1.Rubber Accerelator TP method of catalyst TP (145638-46-6) :Dibutylamine and water were dissolved under stirring, and carbon disulphide and sodium hydroxide were added for reaction. When pH value remained unchanged, the end point of the reaction was obtained, and Rubber Accerelator TP was the finished product accelerator TP (145638-46-6).

2. Product specification of promoter TP (145638-46-6) : appearance orange yellow to orange red transparent adhesive relative density 1.075 ~ 1.09 content /% 403. Safety of promoter TP (145638-46-6) :


1. TP (145638-46-6), a typical representative of dithiocarbamate sodium, is used as a super accelerator for natural rubber, styrene rubber, chloroprene rubber and latex.It is mainly used in latex products because of its miscibility with water.

2. Rubber Accerelator TP for natural latex and styrene-butadiene latex, this product is mainly applicable to various curing methods used in the latex industry.

3. When Rubber Accerelator TP used with water-insoluble promoters (such as zinc dithiocarbamate), the curing speed of the latex can be increased.The product has high strength and good aging resistance.

4. The Rubber Accelerator TP (145638-46-6) is also suitable for thin cross section products that are cured in hot water solutions.It has activation effect on thiazole promoter.

The vulcanizate made with it is free from pollution, discoloration, non - toxic, but slightly odorous.

5. It can also be used in the manufacture of general latex products, medical products, thin walled impregnated products, balloons, rubber sheets and self-curing glue slurry.The general dosage is 0.5 ~ 2 parts and 2 ~ 1 part sulphur yellow.

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Package And Storage: 

Packaged products should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Should be lined with plastic bags, outer polypropylene woven bag packing, each bag 25kg.

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