Rubber Accelerator CDMC

Rubber Accelerator CDMC

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Product NameCopper(II) DiMethyldithiocarbaMate
Other nameCDMC(CDD)
AppearanceBrown powder
Specification (COA)ItemPowder Oil powderDecomposition temperature ≥ °C300.0300.0Loss on drying (Max) ≤ %0.500.50Copper content %19.0-22.019.0-22.0Residue on 100 μm sieve (Max) ≤ %0.100.10Residue on 63 μm sieve (Max) ≤ %0.500.50Oil content, %-1.0-2.0

Rubber Accelerator CDMC is a brown powder. Slightly odorous and toxic. Rubber Accelerator CDMC the relative density is 1.70~1.78. More than 300 °C begins to decompose. Insoluble in water, gasoline and ethanol, soluble in acetone, benzene and chloroform. Stable storage.



Rubber Accelerator CDMC a fast vulcanizing agent with mild rubber dyeability for NR, SBR, NBR, IIR and EPDM systems, especially for SBR, IIR and EPDM systems. Promote vulcanization efficiency better than TT, PX, etc. In the thiazole accelerator system, CDD is used in a minimum amount, either alone or as a secondary accelerator.

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