Zinc Oxide Is A Metal Oxide

- May 10, 2018-

Zinc oxide is a metal oxide, the main raw material is metal zinc, but its downstream applications are very wide, including chemicals, rubber, food, electronics and even cosmetics are involved, in which feed-grade zinc oxide is what kind of application, Take a look.

Feed-grade zinc oxide generally refers to zinc oxide produced by a wet process. Relatively direct and indirect zinc oxides have special requirements in terms of indicators: the zinc oxide content cannot be lower than 95, the zinc content cannot be lower than 76.3, and the heavy metal content is lead. Neither arsenic nor cadmium can be greater than 10 ppm. This will require a relatively high production process, and the zinc oxide health indicators of other processes will not be achieved, and only wet methods can be used to achieve the corresponding index requirements. In addition, compared to other sources of zinc, zinc oxide is also inherently superior: (1) Zinc oxide compared with other zinc sources, the cost per unit of zinc is significantly lower, which facilitates the lower cost of feed additives and is equivalent to zinc sulfate monohydrate Of the 44% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate, 28%. (2) Zinc oxide is a dry, powdery zinc source. It has good stability in feed, no water, no agglomeration and invariability. It is convenient for feed processing and long-term storage. (3) Zinc oxide is used as a zinc source and is more easily absorbed by animals than other zinc sources. The effect of zinc supplementation is good.

There seems to be doubt behind this seemingly perfect fit. Zinc oxide is a chemical product in the final analysis, while Europe intends to disable zinc oxide in pig feed. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) stated that the use of zinc oxide to prevent pigs from diarrhea has more environmental risks than it brings. benefit. The Committee on Veterinary Drugs recommends that marketing licenses for products containing zinc oxide be stopped in the future and that marketing licenses for products containing this ingredient be withdrawn.

The key to this problem lies in environmental protection. In recent years, more attention has been paid to environmental protection production in China. At the end of the year, there are not many factories that have stopped production due to environmental protection inspections. Although this is just an opinion put forward by EMA, it is worthwhile to cause the industry to think, although it is impossible to immediately prohibit the addition of zinc oxide in feed, but with the development of society, environmental protection is an inevitable trend, the production of zinc oxide products itself Technology and environmental protection are also a reminder.