What Is A Resin Lamp? What Is The Quality Of The Resin Lamps

- Feb 06, 2020-

What is a resin lamp?

What is the quality of the resin lamps?

Lamps and lanterns is one of the necessary equipment that we live in, we also saw so a variety of lamps and lanterns, be opposite lamps and lanterns very clear, so what is resin lamp, how is resin lamps and lanterns?

Actually this is a kind of material in lamps and lanterns only, compare with the lamps and lanterns of other material more environmental protection, it is a kind of new-style lamps and lanterns.

As to whether this kind of lamps and lanterns is good after all, we still need to see the introduction of puyang hechang petrochemical co., LTD. Just know.

What is a resin lamp?

Those of you from the countryside may be familiar with resin, a yellow, sticky tree oil.

Remember small time, we will be used as glue resin, just picked from the tree resin can also be molded into various shapes.

When I grew up, I learned that resin could also be used for lighting.

Resin is widely used in building materials decoration, crafts production, paint products.

Resin lamp is the use of plastic resin into a variety of different shapes.

Resin lamp is adornment lamp commonly.

Resinous lamp colour is rich, shape action is diversiform, important is environmental protection is natural.

Resin lamp as a decorative lamp although has not occupied a very large market, but the development of resin lamp, resin lamp outstanding plastic role, the characteristics of natural materials will become the support point of resin lamp.

Resin lamp is now out of a new type of lamp, there is a great development, because it has outstanding plastic effect, and the characteristics of natural selection.

How about resin lamps?

1, resin has a natural gloss, no matter what color made of resin lamp, it is always suffused with light with texture.

Resin lamp surface can be as smooth as a mirror, feel comfortable.

2, resin lamp is not delicate, good maintenance.

Generally don't let it accept too much gravity, don't use high temperature roast, will not be a problem.

It doesn't break easily even if you fall to the ground.

3. Because of the plasticity of the resin, just like playing with plasticine, there is no problem with forgery.

So the modelling of resin lamp is rich, vivid, wit.

This is one of the reasons why resins are suitable for crafts.

4, resin lamp compared to a lot of material decorative lights, the price is very large.

Such as iron, copper art lamp, glass lamp, crystal lamp less than a hundred, more than a thousand.

But resin lamp because of material price and make craft brief, let resin lamp can win more consumer group on the price.

To sum up, now you have a basic understanding of the resin lamp, how do you think of the resin lamp?

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