Waste Water Recycling Of Rubber Additives

- Jul 10, 2018-

In the middle of 2017, a well-known enterprise department to chemical finish rubber fertilizer waste water recycling process of the research and development projects, through the China petroleum and chemical industry association in Beijing achievement appraisal of the organization.


This technology has realized the reasonable fertilizer salt, water, organic matter in waste water separation and reuse, recycling salt recovery rate 100%, recovery 98% organic matter, water back power usage effectiveness 95%, solved the high salt content in rubber additives industry, a high concentration of refractory organic waste water treatment problems.

rubber antioxidant

The technology in view of the different products such as rubber accelerator, antiager, relying on the mechanical steam compressor (MVR), developed a "distillation recycling + + ph adjustment + cooling subsidence air-flotation flocculation" four step pretreatment technology of recovery of organic matter.


Realized the resource of organic matter; Recovery of industrial salt by concentration and crystallization; The technology of secondary evaporation combined with coagulation water depth treatment was developed to ensure the effluent return to be used in the production process and the standard discharge of external drainage.