Urgent Need Of Masks, Disinfectant, Raw Materials And Transportation Support, Rubber Enterprises To Resume All Kinds Of Difficult!

- Mar 02, 2020-

Although the battle against pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has not been fought, supplies are more important than any "weapon".

In the stage of explosive growth of the epidemic, not only the medical security materials and hospital construction materials in the frontline of the epidemic resistance in wuhan are frequently in short supply, but also the medical materials throughout the country are in extreme shortage.

Then, we saw moving scenes...

Rubber industry enterprises have acted, the first time to join in the donation, the battle against the epidemic.

According to guangzhou chengbang incomplete statistics, by February 10, the national rubber enterprises donated more than 70 million yuan, the follow-up statistics are still updated.

To combat the epidemic, rubber companies rushed in the front line

In the first line of anti-epidemic materials, including many products of the rubber industry.

For example, latex enterprises produce medical gloves, medical mattresses and so on;

Rubber auxiliary enterprises use their own sodium hypochlorite intermediate product line to produce sodium hypochlorite solution disinfectant (84 disinfectant stock);

Protective rubber boots produced by rubber shoe enterprises;

And transportation tires...

In particular, medical gloves and other medical supplies are essential protective equipment for the first line of anti-epidemic. Local governments have included many latex manufacturers into the supply unit of material security, and required to ensure the uninterrupted supply of medical gloves and inspection gloves to local hospitals.

However, since the outbreak coincided with the lunar New Year holiday, businesses across the country have been taking the holiday since January 18.

In this case, how to ensure the supply of materials has become the first priority of rubber enterprises.

At the beginning, rubber enterprises have taken to call local staff to resume work, in addition to the other employees issued an initiative, call on employees to resume work in advance.

For example, latex enterprises take advantage of stock materials in advance, and urgently donate and provide medical gloves, mattresses and pillows to the frontline.

At the same time, the production line with the conditions to work overtime emergency production;

Spare no effort to overhaul the production line before the festival, in order to resume production as soon as possible.

Rubber auxiliaries manufacturers also have a 24 - hour production of the first line of urgently needed disinfectant.

Tire enterprises in addition to one after another donations, but also free for the construction of wuhan "two gods" hospital to provide tire security, for the logistics of transportation to provide tire security.

China rubber industry association actively assisted the ministry of industry and information technology in deploying protective rubber boots and medical gloves to reinforce wuhan during the Spring Festival.

Many rubber enterprises require all cadres and staff not to have a holiday during the Spring Festival, to fully cooperate with the country to carry out the production, deployment and transportation of various medical protection materials;

In addition, many enterprises have started to purchase urgently needed materials such as masks, protective clothing and goggles from global channels and quickly import them into China to combat the epidemic.

Restore production, the enterprise faces each kind of difficulty

With the development of the epidemic, the enterprise inventory materials ran out, to ensure the supply of first-line materials, the enterprise must resume production.

However, as the country is at a critical stage in the fight against the epidemic, many local governments have extended their holidays for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Quarantined returnees for 14 days;

Logistics around the traffic, production of raw materials, product packaging materials and other urgent......

Tu yanling, secretary general of latex branch of China rubber association, said that latex gloves as an important medical protection product, latex enterprises actively assume social responsibility, has been overcoming all difficulties, mobilize employees to work overtime production.

However, due to the shortage of packaging materials inventory, and because most of the employees of the supplier cannot go to work in other places, it is difficult to supply the products. The shortage of packaging materials has become the biggest difficulty for the manufacturing enterprises of medical gloves to start operations.

In addition, although the state requires the production of medical protection products used in the epidemic areas to resume work as soon as possible, many places still do not allow enterprises to resume work;

Some local vehicles access is limited, even if the logistics enterprises do not have a car transport;

Postal logistics does not accept liquid products for transport, and packages of less than 20 kg each are required. Many glove manufacturers are in urgent need of raw materials but cannot deliver them.

Ms. Tu said many companies have suffered huge losses because employees were unable to work for half a month.

The high cost of overtime, logistics and protection, and the inability to raise the price of products during the epidemic have brought many practical difficulties to enterprises.

If the manufacturer can not resume production, how to ensure the front urgently needed protective equipment?

According to the China rubber association, tire enterprises face the biggest problem is personnel rework and transportation control, the return of non-local personnel to quarantine 14 days, although the highway is not closed, but a lot of counties and cities are restricting the access of non-local vehicles.

If production resumes, the raw materials will not get into the factory and the goods produced will not be shipped.

To this end, zhongse rubber, linglong tire and other enterprises have asked China rubber association to the relevant ministries and commissions of the state to reflect the situation, communication and coordination, otherwise even if the enterprise started, also can not run normally.

Shi yifeng, secretary general of tire branch of China rubber association, provided a set of data to the reporter, a tire company of 1200 people should pay salary and various social security expenses about 9 million yuan every month, bank loan interest about 1.5 million yuan, electricity cost about 3 million yuan.

Therefore, if the enterprise can not return to work in time, or resume normal production, it will suffer huge losses.

Moreover, due to the heavy liabilities of some enterprises, large amount of capital, the flow is not smooth, will cause enterprises short-term capital pressure.

There are also rubber enterprises reported that some places will start the date after March 1, but there is no document, enterprise contract default faced with the problem of no basis;

Some places even require returning personnel to issue three certificates: one is the health certificate issued by the local medical institutions at or above the county level, the second is the notification of the return to work of the enterprises they work for, and the third is the residence certificate issued by the local police station, which is almost impossible to complete under the current situation of strict control of the epidemic.

According to guangzhou chengban association, the common problem faced by enterprises after returning to work is the shortage of protective materials such as masks, disinfectants and gun-type temperature detectors, especially masks that cannot be purchased at all.

Zhu hong, deputy secretary general of China rubber association, said that masks are the most basic protective equipment. If you can't even buy masks, how will the company start operations and provide safety protection for employees?

Actively coordinate, China rubber association platform role

Centering on the problems existing in the operation of the enterprise, China rubber association actively plays the role of the intermediary link, and actively communicates and coordinates with the ministry of industry and information technology and other national ministries and commissions on the issues of protective materials such as masks and transportation and logistics.

But so far, masks are still in short supply and cannot be deployed.

In view of the lack of disinfectant for enterprises, the rubber auxiliary committee of China rubber association actively coordinates member enterprises and makes use of the advantages of disinfectant production for other rubber enterprises.

In addition, China rubber association also made a questionnaire on the impact of the epidemic on the production and operation of enterprises in the rubber industry, collected information about the industry, reported to the relevant state departments in a timely manner, and helped enterprises to tide over the difficulties.

Policy support, help enterprises normal production

Over the past week, local governments have introduced policies to ensure that enterprises can resume production as soon as possible, including conditions for resuming work and tax support.

On February 9, the ministry to ministry meiden [2020] no. 14 documents issued "about dealing with new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak to help small and medium-sized enterprise to return to work and production difficulties announcement concerning the work together, clear will take effort to guarantee the enterprise in order to return to work and production, to further strengthen financial support to the small and medium-sized enterprises, financial support, support and public service innovation, article 20 measures to coordinate, and so on six aspects, firm the confidence in small and medium-sized enterprises to help strengthen measures to implement in order to return to work and production, through.

In addition, on February 2, according to the current production situation of the rubber industry, the China rubber association reported to the relevant departments the impact of the epidemic on the industry, and put forward three policy Suggestions: first, we hope that Banks do not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans, pressure loans;

Second, reduce enterprise labor costs, increase the intensity of tax deduction;

Third, we will try our best to create conditions for enterprises to reduce their production costs, ease policies and interest rates, and reduce their financing costs and loan interest rates.