Unbalanced Supply And Demand, Polyethylene HDPE Fell

- Mar 22, 2019-

I. Supply and demand situation of China's HDPE market in 2018

In 2018 China's HDPE, the overall consumption was 13.4283 million tons, accounting for 44.57% of the total domestic PE consumption. From the perspective of the overall domestic supply and demand distribution, East China, North China and South China are the main consumption areas of HDPE, while the northeast, northwest and south China are the main production areas. District, so the distribution of goods in the northwest and northeast regions is large. With the development of national policy guidance (urbanization construction, coal-to-gas, ban, etc.) and pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries, the demand for HDPE in China has grown rapidly, and HDPE membranes, pipes, hollows and injection molding have large gaps. Domestic HDPE production, imports and apparent consumption have increased year by year.

Second, the proportion of HDPE consumption in China in 2018

In recent years, the market consumption trend has increased the proportion of downstream consumption of film and sheet, injection molding, pipe and pipe fittings. In terms of film, the booming development of e-commerce in recent years has led to the leap-forward growth of express delivery business. People are gradually changing from easy-packaging and transportation-resistant products (such as clothing, books, etc.) to diversified purchases in daily e-commerce shopping (such as Fragile products, fresh, etc.), the rapid development of the express industry has promoted the demand of the packaging industry, driving the demand for film and sheet. As China's Internet, e-commerce, and network penetration rate increase, the consumption level continues to escalate, and the total demand of the packaging industry. There is still room for improvement. In terms of injection molding, with the improvement of consumer consumption level and diversification of demand in recent years, the liberalization of the second-child policy and the continuous expansion of the population base, the demand for daily necessities has been promoted, and the demand for injection molding has also increased. In terms of pipe, with the development of urbanization in the country, demand continues to grow, and the popularity of floor heating pipes in northern China in recent years. In addition, the promotion and implementation of the “coal to gas” policy in recent years has greatly boosted the demand for PE pipes and increased demand for pipe materials. obvious.

Third, the production of 2017-2019 plastic products

The output of plastic products in January-February 2019 was significantly reduced compared with previous years. With the increase in supply and shrinking demand in recent years, the imbalance between supply and demand in the polyethylene market has become more and more obvious, and prices have continued to show new lows. The prices of various HDPE products have not been spared, and all the declines have occurred, and the sales situation is bleak, and the business mentality is not good. The market screamed again and again. Therefore, in today's society where economic development and consumption levels are constantly improving, the market has shown higher standards and diversification of demand. Only by further developing high-performance products can it better occupy market initiative.