Three New USES Of Zinc Oxide

- Jul 30, 2018-

1、Avoid discoloring the film

With more and more sophisticated zinc oxide technology, in addition to the original effect of zinc oxide, it has been found that this promoted zinc oxide can effectively avoid coating color.In addition to cosmetics, this zinc oxide can also be used as raw materials for automobile paint, furniture building materials, ink, oil paint, and anti-aging agents for rubber and plastics. What's more, it can be coated on food packaging transparent film, coated on polyethylene film. The effect that USES so can avoid ultraviolet ray, together can extend the moment of food, assure food quality. As the skill improves, new USES of zinc oxide will be developed.



The color of zinc oxide itself is white, with the increase of temperature, it will change from white to light yellow gradually. At this time, the temperature keeps increasing, and zinc oxide will change from light yellow to lemon yellow again. That's the change in the thermometer.


3、Semiconductor category

Zinc oxide gives off light. Zno has large band gap and exciton binding energy, high transparency and excellent room temperature luminescence function. It is used in LCD, thin film transistor, led and other products in semiconductor field. In addition, the microparticles of zinc oxide as a nanometer data also began to play a role in the related fields.