The Project Of Efficient Preparation Technology Of Ester Monomer And Green Solvent For Environmental Protection Coating Was Started

- Nov 12, 2019-

These types of rubber chemicals should not be included in the "double high" directory

On December 4, China Rubber Industry Association included Main Rubber Accelerators and Anti-aging Articles on Items 728-734 in the "Comprehensive Environmental Protection Inventory (2017 Version) (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the "List") The Ministry of Environmental Protection proposed feedback on the proposal based on the overall situation of the rubber chemicals industry as a whole and the use of the rubber industry to adjust the "directory": first antioxidant 6PPD, TMQ, IPPD removed from the "directory"; Second, it is indicated in the "Catalog" that MBT, CBS and DCBS products that use cleaner production processes are not "Shuanggao" (GHW / GHF) products.

It is understood that on November 23, the "Directory" released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection website covers 887 products classified as high-risk or high-risk products and various key equipment for environmental protection. The opinion period As of December 6. The list includes the main accelerators and antioxidant products in China's rubber chemicals industry. Among them, 728 to 730 list MBT, CBS and DCBS as high-pollution and high-risk products, and 732 to 734 Antioxidants 6PPD, TMQ and IPPD are listed as high environmental risk products. To this end, the Rubber Association on December 1 convened 8 rubber accelerators and antioxidant manufacturers to hold an emergency meeting to analyze the safety of these two products, environmental protection and the use of the rubber industry in China , And make suggestions to the MEP over the industry.

& ldquo; Finalist & rdquo; Large amount of product without substitute

& ldquo; Without rubber chemicals, there is no rubber industry. "Gao Bo, secretary-general of the China Rubber Association's Auxiliary Committee, said that the total output value of China's rubber industry in 2016 exceeded one trillion yuan, occupying a very important position. At the same time, rubber chemicals is an important raw material for the rubber industry. The development and steady supply of rubber chemicals are the guarantee for the normal development of China's rubber industry.

China's auxiliary industry from the beginning of this century to vigorously promote cleaner production processes, has been gradually phased out, such as accelerator NOBS, antioxidant D and other polluting products, the current rubber chemicals from the production process To the waste treatment and other aspects of the process are towards non-toxic harmless direction.

Gao Bo added that the production of accelerators and anti-oxidants accounted for 63% of the total output of rubber chemicals. In the accelerator, sulfenamide accelerator production reached 164,000 tons, accounting for 49.5% of the total accelerator. Among the antioxidants, ketamine and p-phenylenediamine antioxidants are the main anti-aging system products of tire rubber. Amine anti-aging agents account for about 90% of the total amount of anti-aging agents. Antioxidants 6PPD, IPPD and TMQ products account for 83.2%. And the six kinds of rubber additives listed this time there is no alternative products, if these products are limited will seriously affect the market supply. According to the reporter learned from China Rubber Network, due to increased environmental protection efforts this year, not only a substantial price increase of raw materials for auxiliaries, but also tight supply, resulting in tight prices for rubber chemicals, coupled with a number of non-environmental protection Of small businesses to stop production, rubber additives tight supply has seriously affected China's rubber tires and other normal production. In addition, due to the fact that the output of rubber chemicals in China accounts for about 75% of the world's total output, the current tight supply situation has even led to the atmosphere of "panic" in the world.

Products that adopt environmental protection process should be excluded

Liu Jingfu, general manager of Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltd. mentioned that through the implementation of cleaner production technology, the domestic rubber chemicals industry The overall technical level has been greatly improved, the current industry has never seen a security and pollution incidents. Promoter MBT is an irreplaceable raw material for the production of sulfenamide accelerators. For the healthy and sustainable development of rubber industry, it must ensure its stable supply. CBS is the most widely promoted one. Lian, but also does not produce nitrosamines primary amine accelerator, has been included in the Ministry of Industry green tire raw materials directory. To this end, Liu Jingfu proposed to use the cleaner production process promoter MBT and accelerator CBS products from the "directory" to remove, such as solvent process, pipeline production of continuous production MBT; hydrogen peroxide oxidation process, Oxygen oxidation process to produce CBS.

Ko Mei Chemical Co., Ltd. Wang Shuhua, chairman of the view that the domestic additives industry clean process development is obvious to all, the total output of rubber chemicals in China accounted for more than 75% of the world's achievements, we insisted on the development of a 30 Years of strong testimony of green production.

He mentioned that the rubber accelerator DCBS is the delayed vulcanization accelerator with the longest effect, although it is a secondary amine accelerator, but its thermal stability is higher, resulting in the rubber processing N-sub Nitro dicyclohexylamine is unlikely, in the German "rule of hazardous substances" TRGS 552 regulations clearly this substance does not cause cancer, the use of safe process. In the meantime, in the EU Regulation (EU) No. 1272/2008 (Regulation on the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures) the product is classified as a generic chemical and not as a hazardous chemical; in 2017, the EU GLP Laboratory certified Products on the water environment without pollution, Abolished aquatic chronic pollution level 3 label.

Wang Shuhua recommends that products be put on the "roster" before DCBS alternatives appear, and that products other than clean production processes, such as solvent processes, hydrogen peroxide oxidation processes, and oxygen oxidation processes, be recommended.

For antioxidant TMQ Wang Shuhua explained that the product is a ketone amine antioxidants, the protective effect of thermal aging is very effective, the catalytic oxidation of metals also have a strong inhibitory effect, toxicity is small, at the same time There are no substitutes at this time, so it is recommended that they be removed from the roster. Xiaoyang Yang, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the popularization of cleaner production in the auxiliary industry is continuously increasing, and the level of automation and intelligence is constantly improving, which has caused the products to be harmful to the environment reduce.

He pointed out that 6PPD is a p-phenylenediamine antioxidant, which is an antiozonant and an antioxidant for natural rubber and synthetic rubber and has excellent protection against ozone cracking and flex fatigue. 6PPD is the main anti-aging agent of the tire, the production process has now achieved the theoretical chemistry of "zero emissions", and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress. 6PPD is the top antioxidant, zero emissions, environmental risk is small, it is recommended to remove it from the "directory." At the same time, Xia Haiyang mentioned antioxidant IPPD 6PPD is put into use before the main products, has now withdrawn second-line production in 2016 less than 10,000 tons, but from its physical and chemical properties of the analysis should not be listed Into "high environmental risk" products.

Wang Zhiqiang, general manager of Weilin New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. added that "China Rubber Auxiliary Industry Technology Development Report" and "Cleaner Production of Rubber Aid Industry" guide our auxiliary industry to always be firm Even on the road to cleaner production processes, even the leading EU in pollution control has not imposed any restrictions on Chinese products, so the definition of high pollution and high environmental risks should be added.

Zhu Hong, director of the Technical Committee of the Chinese Rubber Association, also expressed the same view that the technological progress of the additive industry in our country is universally acknowledged throughout the world and has passed many technical tests conducted by domestic and foreign third-party agencies. At the same time, the domestic concentration of additives industry has been greatly improved, out of non-compliance with cleaner production technology of high-polluting industries to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industry, I believe leading enterprises will use their own hard-line auxiliaries toward green products Keep moving in the direction.

Du Mengcheng, deputy general manager of Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd., proposed that the industry should unite to start from the products of its own enterprises, insist on green production and constantly carry out technological breakthroughs in the new technology of cleaner production.

Shandong Si Teer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industry Company, Henan Kai Lun Chemical Co., Ltd. and other business representatives also said to introduce new and help rubber chemicals as soon as possible out of "double high" risk .