The Plastic Running Track Of School Playground Harmful To Human Body?

- Jul 05, 2018-

In recent years, more and more students and athletes on plastic runways have come into close contact with each other. However, recent reports that plastic runways emit toxic gases have raised eyebrows.


Catalyst expert said from the production and chemical composition of plastic runway products, it is possible to cause certain harm to human body. But because plastic runways are generally laid on open outdoor areas with good ventilation conditions, this possibility is very small


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The plastic runway is generally made of a combination of organic and inorganic fillers (calcium carbonate). Inorganic filler in general, the more stable and more organic compounds composed of low molecular compound containing chlorine, in the sunlight, a certain temperature conditions, the compound could decompose, after decomposition may do some harm to human body. In addition, to make our products more stable, at the same time has a softness and elasticity, still need to add some additives in the processing process, give priority to with sulfide type of antioxidants, in certain environmental conditions may become harmful substances, respiratory and skin disease.


Safety standards are still lacking on plastic runways

The current national standard of our country's execution of plastic runway production was passed in 1993, mainly involving materials, elastic physical indicators, such as without involving safety and environmental protection, therefore, plastic runway TDI evaluation standard.