The Importance Of Rubber Additives In The Tire Industry

- Jun 14, 2018-

With the development of rubber industry, the production and sales volume of core products anti-aging agents TMQ and accelerators MBT, DPG and DCBS have become the top in the world.

In the 1980 s, China began to introduce high-end meridian tyre production line, with matching rubber vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator and stabilizer and other rubber additives almost all products are imported from developed countries.In the 21st century, China's rubber additives industry has been developingrapidly, with annual sales exceeding 1 million tons in 2010, accounting for more than 75% of global production and sales.

Rubber additives is an important raw material in the tyre industry, more than 70% of the rubber additives used in tires, rubber fertilizer demand is closely related to car ownership, with the increase of the global car ownership, as well as the replacement tire market share gradually increase, in the next few years demand of rubber additives in China will maintain the growth rate of around 6%.


Rubber additives industry in China is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" powers of critical period, in addition to environmental protection, safety of these two survival lifeline, automated information fusion, the lean management mode and technical independent innovation and brand strategy is the enterprise of the four main factors.On July 1, 2017, promoting the 40th anniversary of the world's first enterprise, special committee monk shun chemical co., ltd. jointly organized an industry development BBS.Li yongwu, former President of the petrochemical association, the head of the ministry of industry and information technology, and the head of the China rubber industry association attended the ceremony and the development of the industry BBS.BBS has been supported and praised by the leaders of key enterprises in the industry.