Rubber Special Zinc Oxide Is A White Or Yellowish Fine Powder

- May 10, 2018-

Rubber special zinc oxide is a white or yellowish fine powder. The product has a high activity, is based on the requirements of the rubber industry for zinc oxide, the introduction of foreign advanced production and processing technology, a special nano-composite products processed by experts with special production process, high activity, superior performance, Through extensive use and test results by users, it has been shown that in tapes, rubber belts, V-belts, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, bicycle tires, rubber soles, rubber shoes, imitation leather (artificial leather), rubber sheets, rubber rollers, rubber hoses, Rubber pads, seals, cables, basketball, foam rubber products and transparent rubber products have good results in the use of rubber products.

The role of rubber special zinc oxide:

Zinc Oxide for Rubber:

1. Because of its small particle size and large surface area, active zinc oxide has very strong activity.

2. Active zinc oxide can increase the degree of crosslinking and the mechanical properties of vulcanized products. In addition, it also increases modulus, tear resistance and friction resistance.

3. Since the microparticles have an active agent as a core, they form a porous form after polymerization and thus have good dispersibility.

4. The vulcanized products containing active zinc oxide are resistant to aging, and cracks do not easily occur during bending.

5. Active zinc oxide does not affect the color of the vulcanized product, in fact it can make ivory or light-colored rubber products resist strong sunlight.

6. Because the refractive index of active zinc oxide is similar to natural rubber, it can make the color of the vulcanized product more clear and transparent.

7. It can reduce the cost of mixing and improve the efficiency of chemical reactions.