Other Properties Of Zinc Oxide Material

- Aug 14, 2018-

By using the property that the plasma resonance frequency shift varies with the particle size, the particle size is modified to control the displacement of the absorption edge. The zno nanometer data can not only absorb electromagnetic waves in a wide band range, but also have a strong absorption capacity for visible light and infrared light.So the nanometer data of zno also become the popular data of absorbing wave. Characterization of zinc oxide nanometer data.

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The detailed analysis and characterization of the nanometer data is of great importance, which is related to whether the prepared data has set properties, whether it is suitable for relevant applications, etc. Analysis of characterization together is also important for the discussion of biological effects and toxicity of nanometer data. Only with a thorough understanding of the characterization can the final test results be reasonably analyzed and summarized

The analysis and characterization of the zno nanometer data is not a skill that can be finished. It requires the induction and application of various analysis and characterization skills to give a sound conclusion on the nature of the data. In this chapter, the primary analysis and characterization skills and methods in the process of researching on toxicology of zno nano-materials are introduced to analyze the composition, structure and description of the characterization data.