Latest Petroleum Price

- Apr 04, 2019-

This week, the price of petroleum is basically stable. The price of pure benzene has been lowered. The price of aniline has been increased by about 500 yuan/ton due to the influence of the explosion of noisy water.

Accelerant prices tend to be stable this week, this week did not see the phenomenon of price reduction.

The national safety inspection brought about by the noise water incident led to the production reduction or shutdown of some accelerator factories. Although the situation of excessive inventory was not alleviated in the short term, the expectation of price decline was alleviated.

Aniline prices and factory starts will affect the subsequent accelerator price trend.

The price of anti-aging agent was suspended in March after the production and maintenance of shengao, the inventory quantity has been unable to be replenishment, resulting in the overall supply of 4020 is too tight, and the phenomenon of queuing for delivery occurs. Xiangyu is temporarily suspended due to the influence of security factors, and it is planned to resume the construction in mid-april, but the actual construction remains to be observed.

In April, the whole industry will continue to be affected by the high pressure of security checks, and the release of industrial capacity will be suppressed.

In the short term, the price of anti-aging agents to maintain the rising trend, do not rule out the supply tension will further aggravate.

The price of insoluble sulfur has been reduced for a period of time, but now it tends to be stable.