Introduction To General Grade Plasticizer DOP

- Mar 12, 2019-

DOP is general plasticizer, it is a kind of plasticizer that has been used extensively in polyethylene plastics at present, its dosage occupies nearly the 80% above of all plasticizer dosage.

General grade plasticizer DOP chemical name is dioctyl phthalate, mainly used in the processing of PVC resin, DOP plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of artificial leather, agricultural film, packaging materials, wire and cable, etc., widely used in plastics, rubber, paint and emulsifier and other industries.

Also can be used for chemical fiber resin, acetic acid resin, ABS resin and rubber and other high polymer processing, can also be used for paint, dye, dispersant.

However, the toxicity of plasticizer DOP has become the focus of people's attention. A small amount of inhalation can cause shortness of breath and accelerated heart rate, while a large amount of inhalation can cause central system disorder and gastrointestinal discomfort, or even fetal deformity.

At present environmental protection plasticizer becomes the recommendation plasticizer of manufacturer gradually, the country such as euramerican wait for a country to use to plasticizer DOP especially undertook close control, the certain PVC pipe material of our country exit needs to pass relevant quality to detect, ensure the environmental protection standard that achieves a regulation.

New environmental plasticizers such as basf's dinch, lanxess mesamoll and LG plasticizers are increasingly being recommended as alternatives to toxic plasticizers.