Guangdong Petroleum Will Build The First Joint Oil And Hydrogen Station In China

- Apr 15, 2019-

On April 9, xin guobin, vice minister of the ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China and his delegation visited zhangkeng oil and hydrogen co-construction station in foshan, guangdong province for investigation and research. They fully affirmed the bold innovation of guangdong petroleum, which took the initiative in China to develop new energy filling outlets in the mode of "transforming existing gas stations into oil and hydrogen co-construction stations".

It is understood that after the preliminary expert review, design, survey, project approval and other procedures, zhangkeng oil and hydrogen co-construction station is expected to be put into operation at the end of may this year, will become the first domestic oil and hydrogen co-construction station, the daily hydrogen capacity of up to 400kg, service around 30 hydrogen fuel bus lines and logistics transport fleet.

With the rapid development of new energy technologies, automobile power fuels are transitioning from single product oil to cleaner and more environmentally friendly green energy sources such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), electric energy and hydrogen energy.

In order to accelerate the layout of the new energy market, guangdong petroleum has taken advantage of the existing oil station network and resources to transform the existing gas stations into oil and hydrogen co-construction stations.

At present, guangdong petroleum has started the oil and hydrogen co-construction project in foshan and yunfu.

This by adding hydrogenation, charging function, transform the existing gas stations for the practice of hydrogenated oil & stand across the country belongs to the first mode, can effectively solve the problem of filling station layout and construction, it has great meaning to the construction of filling stations in other areas, and explore new energy network construction for oil companies, an important occasion for the new energy market position.

"In combination with the development trend of new energy, we are also increasing the promotion of ethanol and gasoline, building urban charging stations and hydrogen storage and refueling stations, and starting a new layout of green energy in guangdong with the oil business."

Guangdong petroleum general manager Chen chengmin pointed out.

In addition to oil and hydrogen stations, guangdong petroleum has built 20 charging piles in shenzhen, guangzhou and shaoguan.

In recent years, the province has built 22 LNG filling stations with an annual supply of more than 205,000 tons through the continuous promotion of natural gas and the construction of filling stations.