Customers From Egypt Purchase Petroleum Resin C5

- Feb 25, 2019-

The usage of Petroleum Resin C5:

1:Rubber processing: used as an adhesive in rubber processing.

It can soften, strengthen and increase the role of viscosity, thus improving processing

2:Adhesive production: used in adhesives, especially hot-melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives, can significantly enhance its viscosity, elasticity and

3:Coating production: often used in the manufacture of reinforced latex coating, but also can be used in the production of oil-soluble coating, effectively improve the coating gloss, hardness, water resistance and chemical resistance.

It has the effect of high surface hardness, good gloss and fast drying speed.

4:Paper industry: for paper sizing agent.

Compared with the traditional rosin, less bubbles, paper smooth, but also reduce the absorption of water, ink, paper is conducive to improve the smoothness, hydrophobicity and printability.

5:Ink production: soluble in hydrocarbon resin, and high softening point, stable performance, so suitable for printing ink production.Ink with petroleum resin can play a display, fast drying, brightening effect, improve printing performance.

Customers from Egypt purchase Petroleum Resin C5. The customer came from all over Egypt, our company warmly received him, took him to taste the delicious food of guangzhou, visited the beautiful scenery of guangzhou, and signed a long-term cooperation contract, hope we can cooperate happily.