Advantages Of Reactive Zinc Oxide

- Jul 17, 2018-

Zinc oxide is an essential additive in rubber and tyre work and is also used as vulcanizing agent, reinforcing agent and coloring agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex.It can also be used in coatings, enamels, pigments and other chemical industries. It has excellent activation function and has been widely used in rubber products. As in "V" belt can not only amount of general zinc oxide, and can reduce the dosage of 1/2, 1/3, setteth rubber various functions of the target, sulfide function is not affected, dropped from capital replace rubber products center connection of the use of zinc oxide.


It has the following characteristics:

1、Active zinc oxide thin spherical particles, active, has large surface area, have excellent loose and good adsorption, thus can promote the rubber vulcanization, activation and reinforcing the aging effect, can strengthen the vulcanization process, advance rubber tearing resistance, abrasion resistance.


2、Low specific gravity, low content of harmful substances (such as Pb, Hg, Ge, Mn, etc.)


3、Is easy to mix with adhesive, loose and even, can advance the adhesive viscosity, so the amount of active zinc oxide is less than that of general zinc oxide.


4、The stability and thermal conductivity of the shape of the product can be pressed forward.


5、NBR anti - aging agent function.


6、Advanced oil resistance.


7、Significantly reduce the cost of glue, high yield and efficiency products benefit.