2019 The 11th Rubber Technology Exchange Conference Began To Register!

- May 10, 2019-

The rubber technology exchange held by Rubber Technology Network was founded in 2009 and is held once a year in June. Over the years, the rubber technology exchange meeting has become a brand technology exchange meeting in the rubber industry. Many well-known experts from the industry have been invited to attract many representatives from the rubber industry and related industries to play a positive role in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of China's rubber industry. The 11th Rubber Technology Exchange Conference of 2019 will be held in Suzhou from June 21st to 23rd, 2019.

Conference theme: Environmental Innovation Technology People

Conference host: Rubber Technology Network www.sto.net.cn

main content:

  1. Rubber environmental protection policies and regulations and treatment of wastewater and waste gas

  Second, the development status of rubber mixing, processing, equipment

  Third, the processing technology and technology exploration of rubber sealing products

  Fourth, rubber products quickly repair wear-resistant elastomer

  Five, the practical process technology of rubber roller production

  Sixth, rubber hose, rubber tape technology exchange

  Seven, rubber products testing and equipment

  Eight, latex production and application technology exchange


Meeting schedule

June 21nd, the report of the rubber products exhibition, rubber talent recruitment, rubber friends meeting.

June 22nd Theme of the conference, exciting practical content, discussion and exchange in the rubber industry, rubber talent show

June 23 Visit factory, basketball activities, etc.



  All friends who are engaged in rubber or rubber related industries can participate in this conference, not limited to this site! ; l" G: ]0 r0 Y/ k" V; |

Conference features:

The rubber technology exchange held by Rubber Technology Network is practical, rich in activities and unique in color. It is very popular among rubber rubber friends. There are hundreds of participants every year. More people will participate in 2019!

Venue: Suzhou Jiangnan Four Seasons Hotel

Hotel Address: No. 158, Pingyi Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City (Wanda Plaza Military Building)

Participation fee:

¥1450/person (including the standard room fee of Jiangnan Four Seasons Hotel, including breakfast)

¥1345/person (including Jinjiang Inn Hotel standard room fee, including breakfast)

¥1100/person (excluding accommodation). Including meeting materials, meals, gifts, visits, groups have discounts.

Tip: Please pay the conference fee in advance, the conference team will assist in arranging the room and the standard room (the house), and issue the ordinary ticket in advance.

The rubber technology exchange meeting always insists on serving the good friends, the content of the meeting is practical, the novel is hot, and the learning is gained.

The activities will be more abundant, and promote the exchange and promotion between the friends. Participants reward 50 coins!

Three people from the same company presented a gift of natural latex pillow.

Registration method:

1. Send a text message to 13681753927 Chen Juntao, write the company name, product, name, position, phone number!

2, "Conference Registration Form" download, "Sponsorship Program" download