Zinc Oxide Prevents Discoloration of Coatings

- May 10, 2018-

The zinc oxide process is developing faster and faster. Various uses of zinc oxide have also been gradually discovered. The transparent zinc oxide coating can effectively prevent the discoloration of the coating film. In addition to cosmetics, this zinc oxide can also be used as a raw material for automotive paints, furniture construction materials, inks, and paints, as well as anti-aging agents for rubber and plastics. The recently developed transparent film for food packaging is coated with transparent zinc oxide on polyethylene film, which can improve the UV resistance of plastic film and also protect the quality of food. With the development of high technology, people are developing zinc oxide whisker materials that are used as reinforcing materials for metals and ceramics, as well as materials for ceramics, plastic filter membranes, gas sensing elements, electromagnetic shielding materials, and zinc oxide materials with a large specific surface area. .

Zinc Oxide is mainly used as a white pigment in paints and coatings; it is also used as a catalyst in chemical production; it can also be made into medical ointments, tapes, dental fillings, etc.; it is insoluble in water, white amphoteric oxide, it's The common name is zinc white.

UVB in sunlight can cause skin burns, pigmentation, and even skin cancer. Nano-ZnO can effectively shield UVA and is widely used in sunscreen cosmetics.

With the development of science and technology. Zinc oxide can also be used as an additive for rubber and tire industries, vulcanization activators, reinforcing agents, colorants, and the like. This shows that the application of zinc oxide is very wide. The extensive use of zinc oxide effectively demonstrates the market prospects of zinc oxide is very promising.