Why do butyl inner tubes produce C5 petroleum resin

- Sep 12, 2018-

When using butyl rubber or butyl regenerated glue to produce inner tube products, more use C5 petroleum resin to regulate the physical and mechanical properties of butyl inner tubes and the Mooney viscosity. Why?

The commonly used resins in the rubber industry include C5 petroleum resin and C9 petroleum resin. Among them, C5 petroleum resin is compatible with butyl adhesive and belongs to aliphatic carbon chain resin, which can increase adhesive viscosity and low price. Therefore, it is usually used in the formula of butyl inner tube.


1. Using C5 petroleum resin as viscosifier and plasticizer in the formula of butyl inner tube can improve the hardness, tear strength and elongation of butyl regenerated adhesive, so as to improve the performance of butyl inner tube and extend its service life


2. C5 petroleum resin can improve the vulcanization performance of butyl rubber materials, extend the burning time, improve the vulcanization efficiency and processing safety.

C5 petroleum resin

3. The good fluidity of C5 petroleum resin itself in rubber can improve the wettability and viscosity of butyl rubber, reduce the viscosity of cementite, and improve the plasticity and fluidity of butyl rubber/recycled rubber.

4. The finished product of butyl inner tube with C5 petroleum resin has good rigidity, good edge anti-folding and small permanent deformation, which can improve the performance of butyl inner tube.

C5 petroleum resin manufcturer

5. C5 petroleum resin has the properties of SXF and other resins, but the price is lower, so it can not only improve the comprehensive performance of butyl inner tubes, but also significantly reduce the raw material cost.


C5 petroleum resin has high bonding strength, good viscosity, stable bonding performance, heat resistance and aging resistance, which can be used in butyl inner tube products to improve the thermal permanent deformation of butyl inner tube products, increase the adhesive viscosity, improve the processing performance of butyl rubber, increase yield and extend the service life of butyl inner tube. However, "too much of a good thing" is not enough. Therefore, when adding C5 petroleum resin to butyl inner tubes, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage. Generally, it is enough to add 3-5 portions of raw glue into 100 portions.