What is the difference between petroleum resin and rosin resin in adhesive field?

- Apr 06, 2019-

     Petroleum resin and rosin resin are one of the main raw materials in the adhesive field, in most of the adhesive products will be used, the use of the two is generally similar.Let's look at the specific differences.The difference between petroleum resin and rosin resin in adhesive fieldIn terms of performance, rosin resin has better initial viscosity, but petroleum resin also has better aging resistance.In order to combine the advantages of the two, many products use the two together, which can neutralize the advantages of the two and make the product performance more perfect.Rosin               resins are used as "viscosifiers" in adhesive products to increase initial viscosity, improve wetting and plasticity, and promote the mixing of fillers and polymers.Rosin resin and petroleum resin compared to both have advantages, generally speaking,
     rosin resin of good initial viscosity, good aging resistance of petroleum resin.In addition, with the further development of technology, the performance of petroleum resin in initial viscosity is also gradually improved, and the gap with rosin resin is gradually narrowed.