What are the applications of acrylate rubber in seals

- May 08, 2019-

In the rubber industry products, the sealing products are a kind of high technology content and many kinds of basic accessories.

Although it is installed in the humble sealing device, but it is related to the survival.

In the process of human's continuous pursuit of scientific progress and innovation, preventing "three leaks" (oil, water, gas) is the key to success or failure.

The sky, the earth, the sea, sealing device everywhere, especially in the development of space field, sealing engineering is the most critical high-tech, it is the product of the interdisciplinary.

Therefore, the sealing technology should be in the forefront of other projects, for the safety of all areas "escort".

"Keep it secret" will be the eternal pursuit of the present and the future.

Now manufacturing all kinds of different shapes and specifications of seal products material, still give priority to with synthetic rubber, because most of the sealing parts are working in harsh environments, such as oil resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion medium, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, resistance to harmful gas, etc., must according to the different working conditions, to choose a different characteristics of synthetic rubber, such as nitrile rubber, epdm rubber, fluorine rubber, acrylate rubber, silicone rubber, and can conform to the conditions of use of all kinds of elastic thermoplastic elastomer material.

In terms of performance requirements and cost considerations, the most widely used synthetic rubber for sealing products are nitrile butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene ternary rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber and acrylate rubber.

Among them, acrylate rubber is a copolymer composed of alkyl acrylate monomer and a small amount of monomer with crosslinking active group.

The main chain of the polymer is shew-shaped and gives a polar ester group.

So that the acrylate rubber has outstanding heat resistance oil performance, used in the internal rubber parts of automobile engine is very suitable, known as "automotive rubber".

Acrylate rubber is characterized by heat resistance, oxygen aging and oil resistance. In hot oil, its performance is better than that of nitrile oil resistant rubber, which can work in hot oil for a long time. This excellent characteristic makes it have a great advantage in various automotive sealing parts.

It is ideal for gearbox seals, piston rod seals, spark plug caps, radiator hoses, and valve rod dampers.

In addition to the automotive industry, can also be used in other fields need to be resistant to ozone, air tightness, flexibility, and resistance to sunlight aging and other aspects of the sealing products, such as oil resistant gasket, heat resistant oil diaphragm, and oil deep well exploration equipment sealing products.