USES of gumaron resin

- Jul 23, 2018-

Gumaron resin can be mixed with various kinds of dry oil to produce paint, and mixed with various gumaron resin and pigment to make various colors of paint, which is widely used in the surface coating of vehicles, ships and Bridges. Gumaron has greatly improved the gloss, hardness, water resistance and alkali resistance of the paint film, and reduced the production cost.



Gumaron resin is suitable for natural synthetic rubber additives, gumaron can improve the molding operation, increase the hardness and flexibility of products. Due to the improvement of rubber strength and aging resistance, gumaron resin is especially suitable for making SBR rubber softener, used in the production of rubber hose, v-belt conveyor belt and tires.



Gumaron resin has good adhesion and is a good adhesive in adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. Gumaron can be used to produce adhesives for plywood, wall paper and leather to improve the water resistance of adhesives. Because the shrinkage of gumaron solidification is small, it can be used in casting industry.

 Adhesive gumaron resin

3、Printing ink

Gumaron resin has water resistance, melting resistance and dryness resistance. The addition of gumaron resin in the ink can have the effect of color development, rapid drying and brightness enhancement, and improve the printing performance. Therefore, various printing ink can be made.



4、Oil paint

The paint mainly USES high softening point of the gumaron resin, the addition of the gumaron resin paint can increase the gloss of the paint, improve the adhesion of the paint film, hardness, acid resistance, alkali resistance.