Tire companies actively go abroad with the help of One Belt And One Road

- Jul 31, 2018-

According to zhang hongmin, President of the shandong rubber industry association, a large number of tire companies are now using the "One Belt And One Road" east wind, overseas markets. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries along One Belt And One Road have abundant rubber resources, which is most suitable for Chinese tire enterprises to build factories abroad. In addition, countries along the One Belt And One Road have a vast tire market.


It is understood that at present, the upstream and downstream enterprises of China's tire manufacturing, natural rubber planting, natural rubber processing, mold manufacturing and maintenance industry chain invest in factories in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries.


Setting up a local factory not only can enjoy the most preferential land and tax policy, but also can export products to the United States and Europe without tariff and quota.


Qian huantao, director of the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that for tire enterprises, with the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the tire industry structure, the promotion of production capacity transfer has already begun, especially with the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, more and more tire enterprises are also seeking to develop outwards.