The status of China's special rubber industry

- Aug 08, 2018-

Automobile special rubber is mainly used in gearbox, engine, fuel oil, transmission and air conditioning system, which can meet the requirements of high performance, low energy consumption, low emission, low noise and long service life. With the continuous increase of dosage, the rubber of automobile will develop towards special rubber with excellent performance.

The varieties of special rubber of automobile mainly include fluorine rubber, silicon rubber, acrylate rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, etc. Although these rubber can replace part of traditional rubber, there are still some defects in performance, which need to be solved. For example, fluorine rubber is resistant to high temperature and corrosivity, but it has low viscosity and is difficult to mix with other materials. The mechanical strength of silicone rubber is excellent, but its oil resistance and tear performance still need to be improved.

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The rapid development of China's automobile industry promotes the development of other related supporting industries, especially the rubber industry. In the past few years, automotive rubber products have developed into a unique professional product industry. Automobile rubber product is an indispensable component in automobile fittings.

High speed, safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection are the goals of modern automobiles. With the development of the modernization of automobile, the automobile rubber products are also increasingly strict and demanding, not only requires a variety of special properties of the rubber material to meet the new technical requirements, but also requires physical and mechanical properties of the rubber material with higher, such as aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to new fuel and excellent dynamic fatigue performance, durable service life, etc.