The safety of zinc oxide as animal feed additive

- Sep 20, 2018-

Zinc oxide is the most important feed additive, but its additive amount and a series of side effects may lead to controversy in its use. However, the fact tells us that it is still an important and safe additive product as long as it is used reasonably.


The European Union's animal feed additive and product expert group has previously issued its opinion on zinc oxide as an animal feed additive. The use of zinc oxide as an animal feed additive is safe and will not affect the health of consumers in accordance with the limits set out in eu regulations. It can be seen that zinc oxide is an additive product that does no direct harm to human body and will not have a direct impact on agricultural soil. The European Union's food safety agency panel recommended that zinc oxide be used as an animal feed additive with no less than 72 per cent zinc content (the minimum purity of zinc oxide should be 90 per cent).


Zinc oxide manufacturer

The decision to ban zinc oxide from eu pig feed is a step forward for a region with strict product and environmental requirements. The committee on veterinary products recommends that future marketing licences for veterinary products containing zinc oxide be discontinued and that current products containing the ingredient be withdrawn. Because the European commission on veterinary products agreed that "the benefits of zinc oxide as a preventive measure against diarrhoea in pigs do not pose an environmental risk". This has led to tight restrictions on zinc oxide products in Europe.


Although many animal products in China are not as strict as those in Europe, they are also very important. The reason why zinc oxide may cause environmental pollution is that the added amount of zinc oxide products seriously exceeds the relevant requirements, resulting in the inability of animals to absorb and use. However, its effect on piglet prevention is not negligible, especially in China, there is no better method to treat piglet diarrhea. Therefore, if zinc oxide products are used reasonably according to the requirements, the effect is obvious. Besides, there is no direct pollution to the environment, but there are potential risks. Therefore, zinc oxide as an animal feed additive is still very safe to use, but it must be controlled.