The increased supply of raw materials has less impact on rubber additives

- Sep 18, 2018-

In 2017, affected by the environmental storm, the bulk chemical products made a "difficult" transition in production limits and production cuts. As the supply side was reduced, the prices of various chemical products showed a wide upward trend. Rubber additives, as an important additive for rubber products, are also affected by environmental protection factors directly or indirectly. Due to the shrinking supply and the rising price of raw materials, the prices of various rubber promoters and anti-aging agents have risen sharply. However, at the end of the year, rubber fertilizer market ushered in a downward inflection point.


Accelerator M market price trend

As one of two rubber additives, especially promoter rally in 2017, production process for promoting agent on the environmental pollution is more serious, so the limit production strength is opposite bigger, some small and medium-sized enterprises or even stop production for months, tightening supply, the manufacturer's inventory is limited, prices pushed up all the way, although the accelerator sort is more, but rose by more than ten thousand yuan or more.

rubber accelerator M

Antioxidant 4020 market price trend

Similarly, antiager aspect is less affected by the environmental protection, but aniline as one of the important raw material for environmental impact, years repeatedly innovation is high, the cost pressure, antiager market also behave strong, although 6 - the demand in August off-season drag and drop, antiager cut in a row, but at the end of August and aniline as raw material supply tension as well as the rebound in demand, antiager rebound quickly, and high continue to the end. Although the price of raw aniline remained firm at this time, the price of anti-aging agent became loose, mainly due to the increase in supply.


rubber antioxidant 4020

Aniline market price trend

See not hard, accelerator and stabilizer downward is the main reason of the supply side shift, as both raw material aniline, at the end of the year is still present high consolidation trend, but for the fertilizer market early profit space dramatically expanded, is far more than the raw material cost pressure, and the end face of the downstream demand expected weakness of negative influence, the raw material of difficult movements of fertilizer market support, some manufacturers for first promotion, do not rule out further cuts for price.