The distinction of paint and coating and composition, kind

- Dec 01, 2019-

The distinction of paint and coating and composition, kind Paint: it is the common name of coating according to national standard, because in the past lacquer basically is natural vegetable oil (tung oil, rosin, etc.) production, use paint this one name all the time for thousands of years.

With the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of synthetic resin has largely or completely replaced the use of vegetable oil, if again appellation "paint" some not suitable, so national standards determine to use "paint" this name as a general designation of paint.

Coating: liquid or solid materials (mixtures with or without pigment) that can be applied on the surface of an object to form a solidly attached, continuous, organic polymer compound or inorganic compound with protective, decorative and special properties (such as insulation, anticorrosion, marking, etc.) coating film.

It is customary to use the word "paint" for specific products.

For example: alkyd mixed paint, grease mixed paint, exterior wall latex paint, automobile paint, alkyd anti-rust paint, etc.

Composition of paint

Regardless of the variety and form of paint, it is composed of the following three basic substances.

Film forming material: also known as binder, film forming material for the majority of organic polymer compounds such as natural resin (rosin, lacquer), paint (tung oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.), synthetic resin mixed ingredients, after high temperature reaction, but also inorganic composition of paint (such as: inorganic zinc rich paint).

Film forming material description: composition of the basic components of paint, is coating can be formed independently of a certain strength, continuous solid film material.

All kinds of film-forming substances are classified into 17 categories according to national standards:

(1) grease;

(2) natural resin;

(3) phenolic resin;

(4) asphalt;

(5) alkyd resin;

(6) amino resin;

(7) nitrocellulose;

(8) other cellulose;

(9) vinyl perchloride resin;

(10) olefin resin;

(11) acrylic resin;

(12) polyester resin;

(13) epoxy resin;

(14) polyurethane;

(15) elemental organic matter;

(16) rubber;

(17) others.

The film-forming substance is the main body of the coating and determines the performance of the film.

If there is no film-forming material, paint film cannot be formed by simple pigments and auxiliary materials.

Secondary film-forming substances: including various pigments, body pigments, anti-rust pigments.

Pigment for the paint film to provide color and hiding power, improve the coating protection and decorative effect, good weather resistance pigment can improve the life of the paint.

Body pigment can increase the thickness of the paint film, using its own "flake, needle" structure properties, through the accumulation of paint overlapping, the formation of fish scale paint film, improve the service life of the film, improve the water resistance and rust prevention effect.

Anti-rust pigment through its own physical and chemical anti-rust action, prevent the surface of the object by the atmosphere, chemical corrosion, metal surface by rust.

Auxiliary film-forming substances: including various auxiliaries and solvents.
Various auxiliaries play a very important role in the production process, storage process, use process and the formation of paint film.

Although the amount used is very small, but the performance of the film has a great impact.

Waterborne paint needs additives to meet the needs of production, construction, storage and formation of paint film.

The level of paint additives also represents the level of national paint.

Solvent is also called "dispersion medium" (including various organic solvents, water), mainly diluted into a film material to form a viscous liquid, in order to facilitate production and construction.

A mixture of a film substrate and a dispersing medium is often referred to as lacquer.

Classification of paint

Paint product category is more numerous, the previous classification did not have a unified method, for this the country made a unified classification standard, it is with the coating material in the paint as the basis for classification, if there are two or more than two kinds of film material, according to the main role of a substance in the paint film as the basis.

According to the main types of film-forming substances in paint mainly divided into nitro paint, polyurethane paint, etc.

Metallic paint is mainly enamel.

By state cent, paint can divide for water - borne lacquer and oily lacquer.

Nitrate-paint, polyurethane paint, etc. belong to oily paint.

According to action form cent, paint can divide into volatile lacquer and not volatile lacquer.

According to adornment effect can be divided into varnish, color lacquer and translucent lacquer 3 kinds, what varnish points to is the grain that can still see lumber itself and color after besmear is brushed, this kind of product applies to the furniture adornment with high grade and wood grain considerable sex is strong.

The paint film after finishing is smooth and full, the appearance is crystal clear, the construction is simple, easy;

Color lacquer can cover the color of lumber itself completely after besmear namely brush, reflect the color of color lacquer itself only.

This product is suitable for splint or density board;

Translucent paint refers to the texture of the wood itself can be clearly seen and painted after the finish.

This kind of product is suitable for the wooden door, window, furniture with clear and loose wood grain.

According to lumber conduit grain cent is open (bottom repair color) with close (face repair color), open paint is a kind of besmear craft that shows wood surface tube hole completely, its main composition is polyurethane, concentration is small, performance is wood hole apparent, grain is clear, paint coating quantity is small, matte, natural sense is strong, can be repaired twice.

But its cost is high, to spraying technology request is high.

Closed paint is the wood pipe hole deep buried in the transparent coating layer for the main characteristics of a kind of coating technology, its main component for unsaturated resin, high concentration, performance for the furniture surface coating film plump, thick, smooth surface.