The distinction of paint and coating and composition composition, kind

- Nov 22, 2019-

The distinction of paint and coating and composition composition, kind

Paint: the common name that is coating according to national standard, because the paint in the past basically is natural vegetable oil (tung oil, rosin) production, this one name that USES paint all the time for thousands of years.

As the ceaseless development of science and technology, all sorts of synthetic resin already major part or replaced the use of vegetable oil completely, if retitle "paint" some do not suit, so national standard affirmatory use "coating" this one name regards paint as general designation.

Coatings: liquid or solid materials (mixtures with or without pigments) of organic macromolecules or inorganic compounds (such as insulation, anticorrosion, marking, etc.) that are applied to the surface of an object to form a firm adhesion, continuity, protection, decoration, and special properties (such as insulation, anticorrosion, marking, etc.).

Out of habit for some specific products can be used "paint" said paint.

For example: alkyd blend paint, fat glue blend paint, exterior wall emulsion paint, automotive paint, alkyd anti-rust paint.

Composition of paint

No matter the breed of paint and configuration how, it is to have the following 3 kinds of basic material composition.

Film forming material: also known as binder, film forming material for the majority of organic macromolecular compounds such as natural resin (rosin, paint), paint (tung oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.), synthetic resin and other mixed ingredients, after high temperature reaction, but also inorganic composition of paint (such as: inorganic zinc paint).

Film forming material description: the basic components of paint, paint can be independent formation of a certain strength, continuous solid film material.

According to the national standards, there are 17 types of film-forming substances:

(1) grease;

(2) natural resin;

(3) phenolic resin;

(4) asphalt;

(5) alkyd resin;

(6) amino resin;

(7) nitrocellulose;

(8) other cellulose;

(9) perchloride resin;

(10) olefin resin;

(11) acrylic resin;

(12) polyester resin;

(13) epoxy resin;

(14) polyurethane;

(15) elemental organic matter;

(16) rubber;

(17) others.

Film forming material is the main body of the coating and determines the performance of the film.

If there is no film forming material, pure pigments and auxiliary materials cannot form paint film.

Secondary film forming materials: including a variety of pigments, body pigments, anti - rust pigments.

Pigment can provide color and hiding power for paint film, improve the protective performance and decorative effect of paint, and improve the service life of paint with good weatherability.

The body pigment can increase the thickness of the paint film, take advantage of its own "flake, needle-like" structure performance, through the accumulation and overlap of pigments, the formation of fish scale paint film, improve the service life of paint film, improve the waterproof and rust prevention effect.

Antirust pigment through its own physical and chemical antirust effect, to prevent the surface of the object by the atmosphere, chemical substances corrosion, metal surface is rusted.

Auxiliary film forming materials: including various auxiliaries, solvents.

Various auxiliaries play a very important role in the production, storage, use and formation of paint film.

Although the amount of use is very small, but the performance of paint film great impact.

Waterborne paint needs more auxiliaries to meet the production, construction, storage and formation of paint film.

The level of paint additives also represents the level of national paint.

Solvent also known as "dispersion medium" (including various organic solvents, water), mainly dilute into a film material and form a viscous liquid, for production and construction.

The mixture of film substrate and dispersion medium is often called paint.

Classification of paints

Paint product kind is more various, the classification before did not have a kind of unified method, for this the country formulated unified classification standard, undertake classification with paint medium film material is a foundation, if film material has two kinds or two kinds of above, press a kind of material that has main effect in paint film is a foundation.

According to the main types of film forming materials in paint is mainly divided into nitrocellulose paint, polyurethane paint, etc.

Metallic paint is mainly enamel.

By state cent, paint can be divided into water-based paint and oily paint.

Nitrate paint, polyurethane paint and more belong to oily paint.

According to action form cent, paint can be divided into volatile paint and non-volatile paint.

Can divide by adornment effect lacquer, color lacquer and translucent lacquer 3 kinds, varnish points to it is the grain that still can see lumber itself after besmear is brushed and color, this kind of product applies to high-grade reach the furniture adornment with wood grain considerable sex strong.

The paint film after painting is smooth and full, the appearance is glittering and translucent, the construction is simple and easy;

Color lacquer is in besmear namely the color that can cover lumber itself completely after brushs, reflect the color of color lacquer itself only.

This product is suitable for plywood or density board.

Translucent paint points to the grain of wood itself after besmear is brushed is clear and still have chromatic effect.

This kind of product applies to the wooden door that grain is clear and woodiness is looser, window, furniture.

According to the texture of wood conduit, it can be divided into open type (undercoat color) and closed type (face color). Open type paint is a coating process that completely exposes the hole in wood surface. Its main component is polyurethane, with small concentration, obvious wood hole and clear texture.

But its cost is high, the spraying technology request is high.

Enclosed paint is a kind of finishing craft that buries woodiness tube hole deep in transparent besmear film layer to be main characteristic, its main composition is unsaturated resin, concentration is high, performance besmear film for furniture surface is plump, thick, surface is smooth.