The difference between zinc carbonate and zinc oxide

- Aug 31, 2018-

Both zinc carbonate and zinc oxide can be made by the reaction of zinc with other substances. Compared to zinc oxide, zinc carbonate is low in carbon content. However, the transparency of zinc carbonate is much better than that of zinc oxide. The rate of catalytic curing will not appear to whiten.The use of zinc carbonate as an activator can also add the hardness of rubber, and zinc oxide can not only accelerate the curing speed, but also have certain whitening and reinforcing effects. In the time of color mixing, zinc oxide is usually used for color extraction, and it can also improve the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber, as well as the thermal conductivity of products.

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Zinc oxide is an electronic structure of a semiconductor catalyst. When a photon with a certain energy may have more than 3 energy in the semiconductor bandgap under the irradiation of light, an electron will be excited from the valence condition to the conduction band CB condition, leaving a hole.Excited states of the conduction band electrons and valence band holes can be eliminated from the contact of the input energy and heat, electronic material caught outside position, valence electron transition to the conduction band and valence band of the cavity will hydroxy electronic away in the surrounding environment makes the hydroxyl free radicals, as a strong oxidizer and complete degradation of organic matter (or chlorine), will kill the bacteria and viruses.

Zinc oxide can be selected from zinc carbonate, but the cost is relatively high. The application scale of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate is very extensive, so its production process demand is constantly improving.