The development of petroleum resin industry will still be on the rise in the future

- Jun 15, 2018-

In recent years, China's carbon 5 (C5) petroleum resin industry has developed rapidly, with rapid progress in both production capacity and technology.According to zhongyu statistics, the C5 oil resin production capacity increased from 300,000 tons in 2011 to 500,000 tons, and some enterprises are still in production or expanding production.

Petroleum resin is petroleum cracking by-product C5, C9 fractions, premenstrual processing, such as polymerization, distillation process in the production of a thermoplastic resin, it is not a high polymer, but the oligomer molecular weight between 300-3000.Petroleum resins are divided into C5 and C9.


In march, the export volume of petroleum resin reached as high as 16394 tons, a record high, making China a large exporter of petroleum resin.Domestically, China has abundant ethylene production capacity and abundant raw materials for cracking C5.With the continuous progress and popularization of petroleum resin technology in China, more and more enterprises have the ability to produce and process petroleum resin, and the production capacity of petroleum resin is expanding.

International aspect, is conditioned by raw materials and technology, there are still some countries that have lagged behind for ethylene production capacity cannot be independent petroleum resin production, need to rely on a large number of imports to meet its domestic industry development needs of road sign paint, adhesives.The main importing countries include India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other emerging economies, accounting for about half of China's oil resin exports.In addition, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea was the main result of petroleum resin in our country export countries, the U.S. shale gas after rapid development, is an ethylene cracking byproduct of petroleum resin production raw material cracking C5, C9 has decreased, so it is important channel to petroleum resin imported from China.