The comprehensive utilization of c9 petroleum resin will obtain greater economic benefits

- Sep 17, 2018-

C9 petroleum resin has good thermal stability, good weather resistance, wide compatibility, can be applied to styrene type of block polymer (SBC) hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) is a hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive resistance since the glue adhesives, polypropylene film modifier, and other products, also can be used as a rubber tackifier and strengthening agent, drying oil modification agent, sizing agent of paper, ink color agent and connection.C9 petroleum resin emulsion emulsified by solvent and emulsifier can be mixed with chloroprene emulsion to make exterior wall coating and antirust coating with strong adhesion and weatherability. Mixed with emulsified bitumen to make waterproof coating; Used as casting adhesive, can improve casting yield. C9 petroleum resin manufacturers to achieve substantial development, comprehensive utilization is the key.

C9 petroleum resin

In c9 petroleum resin, dicyclopentadiene is mainly used in medicine, pesticide and resin products. Methyldicyclopentadiene is mainly used as raw material for high-energy rocket fuel, plasticizer and curing agent production. And methylcyclopentadiene, which costs as much as 21, 000 tons, is profitable. It is believed that the comprehensive utilization of c9 petroleum resins has a broad prospect. If the resources of c9 can be reasonably developed and utilized, greater economic benefits will be obtained.


With the development of China's economy, the demand for c9 petroleum resin will continue to increase, (similar to foreign countries) China's c9 petroleum resin mainly used in coatings, adhesives, rubber additives, ink and other industries.


The paper can be used as the gloss agent for the carton by using the features of low acid value of petroleum resin, high softening point, good resistance to water and mildew and fast release of solvent. It has been proved by actual production that c9 petroleum resin resin coating agent is easy to be applied, quick drying and good performance, which can not only improve the packaging quality, improve the production efficiency of the carton glazing, but also reduce the cost of the carton glazing. Therefore, the application of resin polish in packaging industry has broad prospects.