The advantages of adding nano-zinc oxide to feed

- May 10, 2018-

(1) Adding Nano-Zinc Oxide to Feeds can Increase Bioactivity

Because of its small particle size, nano zinc oxide can penetrate the interstitial space, can also pass through the smallest capillaries of the body, and has a very wide distribution in the body, which can greatly improve the bioavailability of feed ingredients. Compared with other zinc sources, nano zinc oxide has more efficient biological activity.

(2) Adding Nano-Zinc Oxide to Feeds can Increase Absorption Rate

Due to the fineness and fineness of nano zinc oxide, when the particle size is reduced, the number of surface atoms increases rapidly, which can increase the surface area exposed to the medium and improve the absorption and utilization of the nano zinc oxide. De-sai mouse studies have shown that 100-nm particles are 10-250 times more absorptive than other large particles.

(3) Adding Nano-zinc Oxide to Feeds High Antioxidant Performance

Because nano-zinc oxide has a strong chemical activity, it can react with many organic substances, including organic substances in bacteria, and kill most bacteria and viruses. The main mechanism of action is that nano-ZnO will produce conduction band electrons and valence band holes under light conditions, and react with H2O or OH- ions adsorbed on the surface to form hydroxyl groups with strong oxidizing properties, thereby killing cells. Qualitative tests showed that when the concentration of nano-ZnO was 1%, the bactericidal rate was 98.86% for Staphylococcus aureus and 99.93% for Escherichia coli within 5 minutes.

(4) Adding Nano-zinc Oxide to Feed Improves Safety

Nano-zinc feed additive, not only does not produce resistance in animals fed by itself, but also can rely on its own large specific surface area to adsorb the mycotoxins produced during the moldy process of feed, making it possible for the animal to feed on certain mildew. The feed can also be absorbed in the animal's gastrointestinal tract without pathological conditions.

(5) Adding Nano-zinc Oxide to Feeds Can Enhance Immunomodulatory Capacity

Nano-zinc oxide can significantly stimulate the body's cells, body fluids, non-specific immune function, and improve the body's disease prevention and disease resistance.

(6) Adding Nano-Zinc Oxide to Feeds can Reduce Environmental Pollution and Remove Pesticide Residues

Due to the large specific surface area of nano-zinc oxide, it can effectively adsorb ammonia, sulfur dioxide, methane, organophosphorus pesticides, and organic matters in wastewater to the surface, and uses high-intensity absorbed ultraviolet light to perform photocatalytic degradation of these substances, purifying farms. The air and waste water quickly absorb and decompose the odor of the farm, thus having a protective effect on the surrounding environment.

(7) Adding nano-zinc oxide to feed can promote and regulate animal metabolism

Nano zinc oxide, through its efficient absorption and utilization, triggers changes in levels of zinc-containing enzymes, zinc-related hormones, and zinc-lipoproteins. By affecting the synthesis and levels of insulin, sex hormones, zinc finger proteins, promoting protein synthesis, improving animal nitrogen use efficiency, reducing fecal and urinary nitrogen excretion, and reducing nitrogen pollution to the environment, animal husbandry can be improved The production results.