The 4th China green tyre safety week

- Jun 27, 2018-

From June 9 to 15, 2018, the 4th China green tyre safety week was held in hefei, anhui province.

"Chinese Green tire safety week on 15th,June" is a large annual public welfare activities organized by the China rubber industry association, aimed at broad consumer knowledge about green tires, tire safe use, promote social green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction and the terminal consumers to promote healthy development of China's green tire.


According to this public welfare activities, can let the consumer know the green tire and green tires for cars the important role of energy saving and emission reduction, tire safe use and maintenance knowledge, enjoy the value-added services provided in the tire safety week.

Tire enterprises actively promote and participate in safety week activities to enhance the brand image and social responsibility public welfare image.


Continue to promote the transformation and upgrading and green development of China's tire industry.The implementation of the tire label system, so that consumers can directly judge the quality of tires, adapt to domestic and foreign consumers to choose high-quality, green, energy-saving and safe tires.

And also can guide green manufacturing and consumption, and accelerate technological progress, quality improvement and structural adjustment in China's tire industry.