Synthetic rubber adhesive

- Sep 08, 2018-

Take rubber or elastomer as the main material, add appropriate auxiliaries, solvent, etc. And formed, also called elastomer adhesive


1. Good elasticity
2. Strong shock and vibration resistance, especially suitable for materials with large expansion coefficient adhesive
3. Good adhesion and technology



1. Low bonding strength, non-structural bonding
2. Low heat resistance


Neoprene adhesive (FU35: excellent moisture resistance, good adhesion to wood, aluminum and plastics, not suitable for polystyrene foam)
Strong initial adhesion, aging resistance, low price, poor temperature resistance


Butyl rubber adhesive (bp-300, dry, airtight.)
Good heat resistance and aging resistance, poor oil resistance and low strength

Polyisobutylene adhesive
Good adhesion, aging resistance, low strength, heat resistance and poor solvent resistance to PP/PE and other low surface energy materials


Nitrile butadiene rubber adhesive
Excellent solvent resistance to oil and water hydrocarbon, high bonding strength


Polysulfide rubber adhesive
Aging resistance, solvent resistance, grease resistance