Rubber accelerator wastewater treatment

- Jul 06, 2018-

The waste water produced by rubber promoter belongs to high concentration and refractory organic waste water. It is characterized by low chromaticity and turbidity, but high concentration of salt and COD. Meanwhile, benzene, naphthalene and heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen or sulfur are contained in waste water. Biochemical treatment is difficult. At present, studies on the treatment of such waste water are mostly about distillation, extraction, activated carbon adsorption, Fenton oxidation, compound dominant wormwood and other treatment processes. This experiment USES modified diatomaceous earth compound coagulant to pretreat this kind of waste water.


China rubber accelerator

Diatomaceous earth has a unique micropore structure with a larger surface area. The surface is covered by a large amount of hydroxyl silicate.Usually the particle surface with a negative charge. To add the right amount of essence of diatom earth other cationic flocculant (such as aluminium or iron series coagulant, made from modified diatomaceous earth coagulant. Can be realized at the same time, the stability of colloid particles and negative charge. Thus, the effect of sewage treatment is greatly improved. Moreover, the addition of aluminum or iron flocculants can transform orthophosphate and some heavy gold ions from dissolved to granular, and then effectively remove them by flocculation and precipitation.


In addition, diatomite granule can be used as the framework for forming flocculum, improving the structure of alum flowers, that is, helping to coagulate, making the formed flocculum dense and have better sedimentation. There are also many studies on the treatment of wastewater by diatomite.