Preparation and abatement of C5 petroleum resin

- Jan 18, 2020-

1. Catalytic hydrogenation of C5 petroleum resin

C5 petroleum resin is hydrogenated to C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin by means of a palladium bimetallic catalyst. The catalyst consists of alumino-titanium oxide composite carrier and metal palladium and molybdenum or tungsten supported on the composite carrier.

The content of metal palladium is 0.2-0.4% based on the weight of catalyst.

And the weight ratio of metal palladium to metal molybdenum or metal tungsten is 1∶0.8-2.

The process conditions of catalytic hydrogenation of C5 petroleum resin are: reaction temperature 70-150℃, reaction pressure 3-8mpa, feed airspeed 1-3h-1.

The prepared C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin has a bromine value < 1, Gardner chromaticity < 2, a softening point higher than 100℃, and a hydrogenation conversion rate as high as 93-98%. It can be widely used in adhesives, road sign paints, inks, rubber and other industries.

Continuous alkali washing method for C5 petroleum resin

The following steps are included: C5 petroleum resin polymerizing liquid is mixed with lye and demulsifier in a static mixer

(1) premixing, forming the mixture liquid, and continuously entering the polymerization termination tank

(2) the polymerization shall be terminated after fully mixing and de-urging, and the polymerization shall be passed through the pipeline pump

(3) forced mixing of the feed and liquid in the polymerization termination tank, and the mixture liquid entered the cone settling kettle

(4) settlement. The petroleum resin material liquid enters the next process continuously through the top of the kettle, and slag discharge is controlled at the bottom of the kettle.

Advantages: the continuous process of feeding and discharging in the alkali washing process is conducive to maintaining the stability of product quality, effectively preventing the emulsification phenomenon and the phenomenon of resin material fluid in the drainage, and reducing the corrosion of the equipment, saving the cost, is a high efficiency, saving, less pollution of the continuous alkali washing method.