Identification of true or false zinc oxide

- Aug 22, 2018-

Determine true or false zinc oxide prices according to market laws and guard against excessively low market prices, influence zinc oxide prices have many aspects, production process, management cost, raw materials, brand, and so on.On the whole, it follows the price of zinc ingots. Judge true false zinc oxide if you are production unit according to production experience, can compare before and after the dosage that produces zinc oxide, ZnO dosage is less, content is higher.

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The product physical property, the lower the quality, the lower the content of zinc oxide. The zinc reagent can form blue complexes with various heavy metal ions such as zinc and copper under the condition of pH of about 9. In order to determine zinc, it is necessary to cover up the interference of other metal ions. This method USES potassium cyanide as a masking agent and can form a stable complex with a variety of heavy metal ions including zinc.

In addition, cyclohexanone and cyanide in zinc-complex anion can produce cyanol and release zinc ions, which constitute a blue complex with zinc reagent. Other complexes made of metal ions do not show this phenomenon and thus can reach the intention of concealment.