Fluorescent brightener materials and advantages

- Mar 21, 2019-

The fluorescent whitening agent industry is still a fully competitive industry in China. In addition, environmental factors cannot be ignored in the national policy background. With the strict implementation of the national environmental protection requirements, some environmentally-conscious fluorescent whitening agent manufacturers will be more difficult to survive, and even face the danger of being eliminated due to environmental problems. The concentration of the industry will be further improved.

Fluorescent whitening agents can be used in the textile printing and dyeing, chemical and plastics industries, and can be used for capacity adjustment and product complementation. It is widely used in the papermaking industry. It is mainly used in the field of cultural paper. Paper reduces the whiteness of the product, prevents visual fatigue caused by high whiteness, and protects human health. It has become a new type of paper with certain development potential. Traditional products in paper chemicals are affected by the use of fluorescent whitening agents for papermaking, and market demand has declined.

The main raw materials of fluorescent whitening agent, D acid and cyanuric chloride, have an export tax rebate, while the fluorescent whitening agent export has no tax rebate, which leads to the export of products from profit to break-even point.

In recent years, the industry prosperity index will not improve, which puts new requirements on how domestic fluorescent whitening agent manufacturers can improve their market competitiveness. The improvement of comprehensive capabilities will be the key to survival and development, and the integration and extension strategy may become a key factor. In the end, like the current international market, there will be only a few companies that can participate in global competition, and truly understand the globalization of the industrial structure.