Effect of zinc oxide on the stability of natural rubber

- Aug 29, 2018-

Discussion of various safe agent on latex indicate the influence of zinc oxide safe sex, the concentration of the zinc oxide latex safe sex and latex, yellow body, has a direct relationship between protein content and its degradation degree and high concentration of latex has lower zinc oxide safe sex, latex fraction level the more points (yellow viscous body, the less), the higher the zno safe sex, artificial or natural setteth protein degradation will decrease zinc oxide.

The stabilizing effect of zinc oxide is not only related to the solubility of zinc, but also related to the composition of zinc ammonia ions. The addition of temperature can accelerate the composition of low ammonia-zinc ammonia-complex ions, and the effect of stabilization is also increased. The addition of ammonia has a similar effect.

zinc oxide

Many people have studied the effect of zinc oxide on the stability of ammonia-adding latex, and it is believed that the effect of zinc oxide on stability is due to the production of bivalent zinc ammoniate ions and insoluble zinc soap.

Studies by Van-Nederween et al. proved that, in natural latex containing zinc oxide, the participation of ammonium salt or ammonia can generate bivalent zn-ammonia-chromium ions [Zn (NH3) 4]2+, when the content of ammonia exists, the number of positive complex ions may increase enough to make the latex particles to be stable. Cut the thickness of the maintenance layer of the particle, and make the ipp drop to the critical value.