Effect of antioxidant MB on heat resistance of chlorinated polyethylene

- May 03, 2019-

Rubber is widely used due to its unique high elasticity. However, rubber products, like other polymer materials, have the disadvantage of aging in use, and eventually completely lose its original valuable properties. The cause of aging of rubber products is mainly affected by the environment in which they work, that is, external factors, besides the influence of their molecular structure. These external factors are divided into three types: physical factors, chemical factors and biological factors. These external factors are in the process of aging,

It often does not work independently, but interacts with each other, accelerating the process of rubber aging. Among these factors, the most common and important chemical factors are oxygen and ozone; physical factors are thermal, optical and mechanical stress. General rubber products

Aging is mainly the result of one or several factors in the objective existence. The most common is thermal aging, followed by ozone aging, fatigue aging and photo-oxidation. In general, anti-aging agents are mainly used for anti-oxidation and anti-light absorption.

It can absorb and passivate metal ions and prevent the decomposition of hydroperoxides to improve the heat-resistant oxygen aging ability of rubber, prolong the service life of rubber, and improve the heat resistance of rubber.

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