Difference between petroleum resin and rosin resin in the field of adhesive bonding

- Jul 18, 2018-

Both rosin resin and petroleum resin are the main raw materials in the field of adhesive bonding, which are used in most adhesive products.

Both USES are basically similar, performance analysis, rosin resin initial viscosity is better, and petroleum resin anti-aging performance is better. Therefore, many products use both of them together, which can neutralize the advantages of both and make the product performance more perfect.

petroleum resin

However, rosin resin mainly from natural resources, with the benefits of recycling economy, sustainable supply. Many hot-melt glue manufacturers are increasingly turning to rosin resin for fear of oil shortage and concern for human environment. Of course, in this respect xinsong resin is a good choice.

Rosin resin is used as "viscosifying resin" in adhesive products to increase the initial adhesion, improve wetting and plasticity, and promote the mixing of fillers and polymers. As mentioned above, compared with petroleum resin, both have advantages. Generally speaking, rosin resin has good initial viscosity and oil resin has good aging resistance. Moreover, with the further development of technology and technology, the performance of rosin resin in the aspect of aging resistance is also gradually improved, and there is not much difference between rosin resin and petroleum resin.