Development of a new hydrogenation method for NBR

- Jan 18, 2019-

Researchers at China national petroleum corporation have developed a new hydrogenation method for NBR.

Will first nitrile rubber dissolved in organic solvent, then stir in catalyst and under the conditions of hydrogenation, whose character is the first liquid NBR to join in the hydrogenation of nitrile rubber, addition amount of 5% ~ 20%, then the nitrile rubber with liquid nitrile-butadiene rubber mixture solution in hydrogenation reactor, in 40 ~ 100 ℃, pressure 4. 0 ~ 9. 0 M P under a hydrogenation reaction, reaction time 2 ~ 1 2 h.

The advantages of this hydrogenation method are that the molecular weight distribution of hydrogenated product (HNBR) has double peak characteristics, the molecular weight distribution is obviously widened, the Mooney viscosity is effectively reduced, the processing performance of HNBR is improved, the mechanical properties of the product, the compression permanent deformation and the hot air aging performance are excellent.