Composition analysis and formula reduction of EVA hot melt adhesive

- Dec 03, 2019-

EVA hot melt adhesive is a kind of polymer that does not need solvent, does not contain water, and is 100% solid and fusible. It is a solid at room temperature. When heated, it melts to a certain extent and becomes a liquid adhesive that can flow and has a certain viscosity.

The main components of hot melt adhesive, that is, the basic resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure copolymerization, and then with viscosifier, viscosity regulator, antioxidant made of hot melt adhesive.

EVA is a plastic material composed of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA).

The ratio of these two chemicals can be adjusted to meet different application needs. The higher the content of vinyl acetate (VA content), the higher its transparency, softness and toughness will be.

Hot melt adhesive is thermoplastic resin or thermoplastic elastomer as the main component, adding plasticizer, viscosifying resin, antioxidant, flame retardant and filler and other components, by melting mixture and made of solvent-free solid binder.

Because of its non-toxic, no environmental pollution, convenient preparation and other advantages become the direction of adhesive market development, the world annual output has been in the rising trend, its growth rate in all kinds of adhesives for the highest, more and more diversified varieties, more and more widely used.

Performance characteristics of EVA hot melt adhesive:


It is usually solid at room temperature, but when heated to a certain degree, it melts into liquid. Once it is cooled below the melting point, it quickly becomes solid again.


With fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, the rubber layer has a certain degree of flexibility, hardness, and toughness;


The adhesive solution is applied to the adhesive layer after cooling and curing, and can be reheated to melt, and then become the adhesive body again and then stick with the adhesive, with a certain degree of re-viscosity;


When used, as long as the hot melt adhesive heating melt into the required liquid, and daub on the glued object, after pressing in a few seconds to complete the bond curing, a few minutes to achieve the degree of hardening cooling drying.