Common coating in China

- Feb 05, 2019-

Acrylic road marking paint is the most commonly used road marking paint in China, but it also has a lot of shortcomings: the most important is its thin film, 0.1-0.3mm, so poor wear resistance, and after the rain prone to block or even large volume off the phenomenon.

The service life is only 3-6 months, which requires repeated construction and increases the cost.

There are many researches on acrylic coatings in China, such as the modification of acrylic resin by organic silicon and acrylic resin by polystyrene, etc. These researches have improved the wear resistance and adhesion of acrylic coatings, but the effect is not very ideal.

In addition, as a result of the room temperature solvent coatings used by the solvent is volatile, so in the construction process is easy to volatile, resulting in certain environmental pollution and construction inconvenience.

Waterborne road marking paint waterborne road marking paint is a new kind of road marking paint in recent twenty years.

The biggest advantage of waterborne road marking coating is that it USES water instead of organic solvent as solvent, which greatly reduces the volatile amount of organic solvent and plays a role in environmental protection.

As a new type of road marking paint, water-based road reticule coating still exist many problems, such as: have a natural affinity with water and water-based coatings, coating after long-term water immersion, swelling can make the volume expansion of many, it in the pavement and place on the interface of the coating stress, when stress to a certain degree, the coating will generate empty drum, foaming, until the piece peeling off from the pavement.

In addition, the water-based road marking coating is strict with construction technology, construction equipment complex, construction when must pay attention to the road of clean degree, temperature, humidity, wind speed, as well as the method of glass beads and cloth, etc., in relative humidity greater than 85% or lower than the temperature under the condition of 10 ℃, it should not be construction.

From these point of view, water type road marking paint is a very promising road marking paint, but in China is still in the experimental stage, is not suitable for the use of large quantities.

This paper studies a new type of road marking paint with superior performance, low price and suitable for Chinese roads.

Polystyrene is used as raw material in waterborne road marking coatings to protect environment and reduce cost.

The investigation of 3 hot melt coating according to concerned branch calculates, the car amount that our country 2000-2005 will amount to 22 million -23 million.

With the national planning and investment in high-grade highways, the rural urbanization in the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta and the three economic circles of Beijing, tianjin and tangshan, the high-grade highways will develop rapidly.

In order to beautify the road, regulate the running of vehicles and make a more reasonable use of the road, road marking has become a language of static information instruction and legal regulations, and the highly symbolic road marking depends on high-performance line marking paint.

Hot melt paint is a new type of road safety marking paint which was popularized in the world in the late 1960s.

The research work of hot melt coating in China also has a history of 20 years, which has experienced exploratory research, laboratory work and field application, so as to achieve rapid development.

With the rapid development of modern construction, environmental protection and the high requirements of wear-resisting, weather-resisting and durability of the marking line, the low-cost hot melt marking line coating has become the first choice of the marking line coating in China.

The most important properties of a good hot melt marking coating are its brightness and fluidity during construction.

It differs from other road mark line, there is solvent-free volatilize in the composition, rely on heat to make powdery coating melt when construction, use special equipment besmeard next go up in the ground, after condensing, become bright mark line.

Therefore, its film formation mechanism is not by ordinary paint solvent volatilization, but physical condensation curing.

Because the hot melt coating has the construction overspeed to dry, the durable wearability is strong and the night glows the characteristic, the application scope and the usage amount are expanding year by year.

It is most suitable for the city road with heavy traffic volume and main highway main line, our country and a few other countries in the world also use it in highway as reflective marking line.

As a result of the besmear film of hot melt coating is thicker than the besmear film of other coating much, although the unit price of hot melt coating is cheaper than other coating, but the cost of unit besmear area is quite tall, tower above room temperature coating commonly a few times, be in so the area with underdeveloped economy is not very applicable.

In addition, the requirement of hot melt coating on road condition is also higher, which is the best for new pavement.

It is not suitable for long aged cracked asphalt pavement.

In addition, because of the requirements of the hot melt coating in the construction process of heating, so the construction equipment and process is relatively complex, need more investment.

Our country road marking paint is room temperature paint and hot melt paint two kinds coexist, both are in the development stage, and there is a big gap with the developed countries.

We study the direction of the road reticule coating is the use of electronic computer and other advanced equipment, with modern scientific theory as the instruction, purposefully coating resin and other chemical raw materials for research and development, using modern synthetic methods such as the copolymerization, modification and split manufacturing roads coating resin materials, research and outstanding performance, low cost, suitable for China's road of new type road marking paint.

Our main goal is to ensure the basic performance of the coating at the same time, improve the coating wear resistance, water resistance and reduce the amount of volatile solvents in the construction process, increase the adhesion of the coating.

The hot melt coating is powdery at room temperature and contains no volatile solvents. It is melted by construction heating and then coated on the ground with special equipment to form a film by physical condensation and solidification.