China's tire industry has three major trends in 2018

- Jul 27, 2018-

Cheap tyres are disappearing

Since December 2017, the raw material supplier, has issued several notices to raise the product price.This round of price increase is a necessary measure to deal with the current market situation. It is reported that lansheng's raw material costs and maintenance costs have increased significantly, and they are also under pressure from environmental protection and safety.


Remodel the game after a shake-up

A senior executive at a tyre company told reporters recently that the reshuffle had shocked the industry by driving out many of its biggest bosses after years of service.In his view, the consolidation of the tyre industry could be even more intense in 2018.Zhang hongmin, President of shandong rubber industry association, also said that the great integration of the tire industry, the task is very difficult.To be sure, the entire industry has begun to reshape itself: better companies will grow at the extremes in 2018.


The brand construction becomes the key of tire enterprise 

It has been observed that the Chinese government, enterprises and consumers pay more and more attention to brands. With the upgrading of consumption, various brand planning and cultivation projects have been launched successively.
The centennial brand enterprise cultivation project implemented in shandong province has listed triangle tire, linglong tire and other tire enterprises as key cultivating objects.
Zhou haijiang, chairman and CEO of the board of directors of red bean group, said that the brand is the chain owner of various industrial chains, and the initiative can only be obtained with independent brands. In 2018, brand building will become the focus of Chinese tire enterprises.
Some people in the industry say that the development from price competition to brand and quality competition is a must for the tire industry.