Can resin absorb gold? The use of gold absorbing resin process

- Jan 29, 2020-

Traditionally, activated carbon is used to adsorb gold, and the precious gold is adsorbed to the surface by activated carbon, which is then washed or burned to recover the gold.

Du Sheng resin recovery of precious metals than activated carbon has many advantages, because by special manufacturing process, we can put on its effective functionality, structure of selective ion, with selective adsorption of the precious metal, similar to the copper and nickel base metals such as selective without interference of resin, and the effluent water quality can reach below 0.02 mg/L, the equivalent of tail water does not contain gold, and is much greater than the amount of activated carbon adsorption, generally 1 liter resin adsorption gold 100 grams, 200 grams, the cost of consumption of a gram of gold adsorption resin under 8 cents.

Therefore, resin adsorption of gold has a strong economic advantage, and is widely used in the recovery of precious metals.

1. The water into which the resin absorbs gold needs to be filtered to remove solid impurities and silt, etc., so as to prevent the blocking of the resin from affecting the selective adsorption performance of the resin.

2. Method of extracting gold by fire with resin: after the resin absorbs gold and saturates it, the method of extracting gold by fire can be adopted. The specific method is the burning of resin.

Burning the resin in the process of recovery of gold, to reduce a large number of corrosive and excitant gas, can adopt two steps when burned, resin adsorption saturation, after first wash clean with clean water, use small fire fry in crucible, and then add in anhydrous alcohol (or gas), don't make resin and splash, when need can also add a lid to prevent run gold, then slowly until after resin carbonized dark gradually, and then put the crucible in high temperature of the muffle furnace in high temperature ashing can get gold, don't be too high of temperature control of melting point is 1064.43 degrees Celsius (gold). (i.e. with 400 degrees Celsius burning resin first 5 hours or so,

Then heat it up to 900 degrees Celsius and burn it for 3 hours or so, so that the resin is completely podzolic, you can get the purity of about 85% of crude gold.

In the burning process, the temperature should not be too high.

If heated above the melting point of the temperature will make the gold volatilization, so must strictly control the temperature of incineration.

Good ventilation and attention to necessary safety measures are required because of the poisonous gas produced by burning the resin.

1. Treatment capacity of resin: resin 100 liters per hour can handle 1 ton of gold-containing solution. According to this amount, the daily working capacity of 100 liters of resin is 8-12 hours, the daily treatment capacity of 100 liters of resin is 8-12 tons of liquid, and the daily treatment capacity of 200 liters of resin is 16-24 tons.

2. Adsorption methods: resin adsorption column series method, liquid through the pressure pump to drive the adsorption column from below the above transmission, through the series multistage adsorption column of recycle liquid gold, general resin filling height control in the 1.2 meters, the series of series, generally for 2-3, according to the specific situation to design the water quality.

3. Size of adsorption column: there are certain specifications for the size of adsorption column. Specific diameter and height requirements can be designed according to water volume.